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The Corporate Washroom – where your business really cleans up.


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Which area of your business makes the most impact on visitors, and makes the biggest visual statement about your corporate reputation? No, it’s not reception, it’s not the executive suite, and it’s not the canteen.

It’s the washroom.

Business leaders know how serious this subject is, and why. The most basic facility in a corporate building can be the one with the biggest impact on corporate reputation.Part of the answer is in design, but the very biggest factor, and the one which makes the biggest impression on visitors, is in visible, tangible cleanliness.

And in the management of this most valuable corporate asset, Britain can claim to be a world leader – Germany, Holland, Finland, Norway, and most notably of all, Singapore, have all appreciated the importance of the washroom and created serious business associations to debate the subject.

But only Britain has the Loo of the Year award!

Read the full feature… in Loo of the Year Award (PDF 54.4KB)

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